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You Can't Build A Serious Business On Your Own! 

I recently worked with a client who had achieved an annual turnover easily qualifying him for recognition as a medium size company.  
He had done this with a small number of senior reports who had done what they were told and were not involved in major decision making affecting the future growth and strategy of the business. This works up to a point but as the business scales the top man/woman needs input and involvement from committed senior colleagues to consider all the options and think outside the box. In this case the client was not comfortable with any formality in the management process. The concept of regular board meetings with accompanying agendas and minutes was anathema. Only one of his reports had director in his job title. 

3 Year Plan 

However the notion of a Three Year Plan was of interest. Such a key management tool developed by a solitary owner/manager is unlikely to be delivered in full unless the main functions of the business are delegated to safe hands with a good preceding track record. In order for those delegates ( e.g. IT director, marketing director, sales director, production director, etc.) to be committed to deliver planned performance they have to be involved in developing the Three Year Plan in the first place. 

In Conclusion 

So, full circle: Serious levels of growth are usually achieved by a management team (e.g. a board of directors) who meet frequently, share opinions and make joint decisions. This process benefits greatly from regular board meetings at which reports are considered, decisions made, actions noted and progress expected. Only this way will growth prospects be unlimited. 
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