Q: Your business mentoring experience and client achievements are impressive but can we be sure this works for us? 

A: Let’s arrange an initial non fee meeting to discuss what you want to achieve. We can explain how we have approached similar scenarios with previous clients giving you confidence that we can work successfully with you. 

Q: Business mentors are expensive so how do you justify your fees? 

A: Firstly we are not as expensive as big accounting and consulting firms. We establish a cost benefit justification. For example, we may be contemplating a line of business profit centre structure and would estimate the expected benefits in terms of increased revenue and profit. 
Q: Confidentiality is crucial for us in our very competitive market, can we trust you? 
A: Absolutely. We agree at the outset how we’re going to communicate, record the outcomes of meetings and present our recommendations. We expect that we will be communicating with an exclusive list of senior executives by secure means. 

Q: Do business mentors invest in client businesses? 

A: Usually this may be appropriate at a later stage but we’re very selective! 
Q: Could we show positive improvements in our results in the short term? 
A: Yes, but conditionally! We would need to obtain your commitment to achieve implementation of changes we’d agreed and involve us in monitoring progress. 

Q: Do business mentors charge according to results? 

A: Yes, in some circumstances this may be possible. This would usually apply if agreed outcomes are measurable and directly attributable to our work. 
Q: Are you flexible in when you are available for client interaction? 
A: Yes, early mornings, evenings and weekends as required. 

Q: How does business mentoring work? 

A: This is based on one to one, often personal, advice and guidance to individual directors. Recently Russ mentored the chairman of a £20m turnover company 
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