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£20m turnover company which reached a crisis point due to losing direction, having a CEO with his own agenda, non conventional management practices and no comprehensive forward plan. After just 9 months we now have a chairman back in charge of a financial and management structure which will achieve >25% growth in revenues and profits year on year. I continue to mentor the chairman. 


£4m turnover company in fibrous plastering for historic and modern buildings. After 18 months the company has been transformed from three directors sharing the operations to profit centred structure which has seen revenues and profits doubled in this period. The remaining challenge is to develop synergy between the marketing and sales functions in order to continue this rapid growth. 

Mentoring Approach: 

A technical and scientific team which has developed an outstanding reputation in composite titanium R&D now upscaling its operations to manufacture parts for satellites and aircraft. My role has been to assist with development of a 3 year plan and advise on the transition from R&D to volume manufacturing. This company has a blue chip array of client companies which needs an experienced and creative approach to realise its considerable potential. 


The Artisan and Design and Visual Concepts Group are UK leading experts in fibrous, GRG and all aspects of specialist plasterwork in modern and heritage buildings. We have serious growth ambitions for the business and we started working with Russ over three years ago in order to gain from his experience and guidance to achieve this objective. Our relationship with Russ has been an outstanding success. 
Initially we worked with Russ on some quick fixes including improving our marketing and sales results, sales proposals, project accounting and control and customer loyalty. We then moved on to developing a forward strategy for the business culminating in a 3 Year Plan. We learned a great deal from Russ and gained confidence in our ability to achieve 25% year on year growth. To date this has been achieved. 
In anticipation of being a larger company Russ encouraged us to adopt a more formal style of management by implementing regular board meetings and accompanying reporting. He attends all our board meetings stimulating debate of key issues and contributing to our decision making. 
Russ is a great guy to work with. Always constructive, good humoured and ready with solid advice; we’ve never had cause to disagree with his input. 
I have benefitted greatly from the advice and support I've received from Russ during a crucial period of development of my start up internet platform Gilvah.com. 
Russ is always positive and constructive in offering his sound advice and support. He has been thoughtful and conscientious in considering the development of my business and the bigger picture. 
In particular he has worked with me on my business plan leading to introductions and discussions with potential funders. Operationally he introduced a key source of marketing expertise. 
He was very much available and ready to assist which I've much appreciated, especially when experiencing challenging times. 
Overall Russ has helped to evolve my business model which I expect will lead to a more successful business. 
I have no hesitation in strongly recommending Russ. 
My business is based at Silverstone and we run an academy for aspiring racing drivers and provide a comprehensive race support service for current racing drivers. This involves the development of race cars, maintenance and repair, transport to meetings and driver support. Russ was one of our first race drivers. 
Since Russ retired from racing he has remained involved with my company. Having seen the operation from the inside he was in a good position, bearing in mind his own successful business experience, to advise me on developing the business. 
Russ has been very influential in developing my vision and objective to become a leading race team management company. He has been very helpful in planning the positioning of FF Corse in the motor racing industry and in evolving a strategy for growth. Russ was very helpful at an early stage in defining our range of services including the feeder programme which trains and qualifies aspiring racing drivers. 
Russ is charismatic and inspirational with a unique ability to engage with directors and employees at all levels. I have no problem in providing a glowing personal recommendation for Russ, who has been great help and a fantastic asset to our business over the years. 
LKM is a leading recycling company based in Kent. The company had made impressive progress in terms of revenue and profit growth in recent years but had reached a point at which the management and organisational structure was going to be growth limiting in the future. As chairman and owner of the business I was able to benefit from Russ's extensive experience as a chief executive and chairman of companies in both the public and private sectors. 
Initially Russ was my mentor and together we developed a 5 year strategy. Subsequently he worked with all my directors to review and develop a management and financial structure which would enable growth to be achieved. As a result we implemented several discrete lines of business which were managed and accounted for as profit centres. 
Russ was instrumental in various supporting changes including involvement in senior appointments, installation of formal regular board meetings, guidance on production of rolling 3 year plans along with board approval of year 1 budgets. 
Russ was directly involved in the recruitment of a marketing director who has turned out to be an important enabler of the continuing growth of LKM. 
My whole team greatly respect and appreciate Russ's input and guidance. 
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